Every homeowner uniquely defines his or her own vision of the perfect home. At Domenico Construction Company, we are personally committed to creating the perfect home to suit your vision. Whether you are looking to build an elegant custom home, renovate or add to your existing home, it is our goal to recreate your home to suit your changing needs. Let us turn your vision into reality.

Domenico Construction Company Inc. is a full service residential and commercial general contracting company servicing Northern and Central New Jersey (Morris, Somerset, Bergen, Passaic, and Union Counties) for over 28 years.

At Domenico Construction Company Inc., we specializes in home improvements to suit any budget. we are personally committed to creating the perfect home to suit your vision. Contact us to set up a consultation and for a free estimate. Call us today to schedule a consultation and for a free estimate at (973) 299-8556.

“At Domenico Construction, we provide the Finest Quality work at an Unbeatable Price!”

– Alexander Oricchio

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